VU#653767: Perimeter81 macOS Application Multiple Vulnerabilities

CERT Security Advisory


A command injection vulnerability can be used in the Perimeter81 macOS application to run arbitrary commands with administrative privileges.


At the time, the latest Perimeter81 MacOS application ( suffers from local privilege escalation vulnerability inside its com.perimeter81.osx.HelperTool. This HelperTool allows main application to setup things which require administrative privileges such as VPN connection, changing routing table, etc.

By combining insufficient checks of an XPC connection and creating a dictionary with the key “usingCAPath” a command can be appended within that value to be run with administrative privileges.


By exploiting the vulnerability, attackers can run arbitrary commands with administrative privileges.


Perimeter81 has released a fix in version


Thanks to Erhad Husovic who also published vulnerability details via (

This document was written by Ben Koo.

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CVE IDs:CVE-2023-33298
Date Public:2023-07-20
Date First Published:2023-07-20
Date Last Updated:2023-07-31 18:27 UTC
Document Revision:2