USN-6778-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security Advisory

Zheng Wang discovered that the Broadcom FullMAC WLAN driver in the Linux
kernel contained a race condition during device removal, leading to a use-
after-free vulnerability. A physically proximate attacker could possibly
use this to cause a denial of service (system crash). (CVE-2023-47233)

Several security issues were discovered in the Linux kernel.
An attacker could possibly use these to compromise the system.
This update corrects flaws in the following subsystems:
– Ext4 file system;
– JFS file system;
– NILFS2 file system;
– Core kernel;
– Bluetooth subsystem;
– Networking core;
– IPv4 networking;
– Logical Link layer;
– MAC80211 subsystem;
– Netlink;
– NFC subsystem;
– Tomoyo security module;
(CVE-2023-52601, CVE-2024-26622, CVE-2024-26805, CVE-2024-26635,
CVE-2023-52602, CVE-2024-26801, CVE-2023-52566, CVE-2024-26704,
CVE-2021-46939, CVE-2024-26614, CVE-2023-52604, CVE-2023-52530,


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