Security Advisory – TRENDnet TV-IP1314PI Camera Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Revealed (CVE Pending)

A comprehensive report from the Panasonic Cyber Security Lab has unveiled multiple security vulnerabilities in the TRENDnet TV-IP1314PI camera, firmware version V5.5.3 build 200714. These vulnerabilities include Command Injection and Stack-based Buffer Overflow.

1. Command Injection Vulnerability:

  • Affected Module: Alert Configuration -> Actions module.
  • Description: This vulnerability arises when unpacking language packs without strict filtering of URL strings. It allows users to input illegal strings resulting in command injection.
  • Impact: Execution of arbitrary commands.

2. Stack-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability:

  • Affected Module: Playback function of RTSP.
  • Description: This vulnerability exists due to improper validation of user input length in the scale field of RTSP, leading to a stack-based buffer overflow.
  • Impact: Potential for a malicious user to take control of the program flow and execute arbitrary commands.

3. Another Instance of Command Injection Vulnerability:

  • Affected Module: Debug information in “”.
  • Description: Improper implementation of the filter for debug information and inadequate validation allows the execution of unauthorized shell commands.
  • Impact: Possibility to gain root shell access to the device.

Proof of Concept:
The report provides detailed proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstrations for each vulnerability, illustrating how they can be exploited.

Users of the TRENDnet TV-IP1314PI camera should be aware of these vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to protect their devices. It’s advisable to contact TRENDnet for updates or patches addressing these issues.

This report highlights significant security risks in network surveillance cameras and the importance of robust security measures in IoT devices.

For more details, users can refer to the Panasonic Cyber Security Lab report.