Security Advisory – Adobe Issues Multiple Updates to Address Critical Vulnerabilities

Adobe has announced a series of security updates for various applications, addressing critical and important vulnerabilities that could lead to arbitrary code execution, memory leaks, and security feature bypass.

  • After Effects & Photoshop: Both received updates to fix important vulnerabilities leading to memory leaks, applicable to Windows and macOS.
  • Adobe Commerce & Magento Open Source: Updates address critical vulnerabilities, preventing potential arbitrary code execution.
  • InDesign, Bridge, and Illustrator: These updates resolve important vulnerabilities related to memory leaks.
  • Experience Manager (AEM): Fixes for vulnerabilities that could result in arbitrary code execution and security feature bypass.
  • Media Encoder & Animate: Updates for critical vulnerabilities that could allow arbitrary code execution, denial-of-service, and memory leaks.

All updates are classified with a priority rating of 3, indicating a lower risk of exploit.

For more details, refer to Adobe’s security bulletins: After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Commerce, InDesign, Experience Manager, Media Encoder, Bridge, Illustrator, and Animate.