GHSA-r95h-9x8f-r3f7 (nokogiri): Nokogiri updates packaged libxml2 to v2.12.7 to resolve CVE-2024-34459

Ruby Security Advisory

## Summary

Nokogiri v1.16.5 upgrades its dependency libxml2 to
[2.12.7]( from 2.12.6.

libxml2 v2.12.7 addresses CVE-2024-34459:

– described at
– patched by

## Impact

There is no impact to Nokogiri users because the issue is present only
in libxml2’s `xmllint` tool which Nokogiri does not provide or expose.

## Timeline

– 2024-05-13 05:57 EDT, libxml2 2.12.7 release is announced
– 2024-05-13 08:30 EDT, nokogiri maintainers begin triage
– 2024-05-13 10:05 EDT, nokogiri [v1.16.5 is released](
and this GHSA made public


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