CVE-2024-39308 (rails_admin): RailsAdmin Cross-site Scripting vulnerability in the list view

Ruby Security Advisory

### Impact
RailsAdmin list view has the XSS vulnerability, caused by
improperly-escaped HTML title attribute. The issue was originally
reported in

### Patches
Upgrade to [3.1.3](
or [2.3.0](

### Workarounds
1. Copy the index view (located under the path
`app/views/rails_admin/main/index.html.erb`) from the RailsAdmin
version you use, and place it into your application by using
the same path.

2. Open the view file by an editor, and remove `strip_tags` from
the title attribute (as shown in GHSA advisory below).

**Note:** The view file created by this needs to be removed after
upgrading RailsAdmin afterwards, unless this old view continue to
be used. Only do this if you can’t upgrade RailsAdmin now for a reason.

### References


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