CVE-2024-28181 (turbo_boost-commands): TurboBoost Commands vulnerable to arbitrary method invocation

Ruby Security Advisory

### Impact

TurboBoost Commands has existing protections in place to
guarantee that only public methods on Command classes can be invoked; however, the
existing checks aren’t as robust as they should be. It’s possible for a sophisticated
attacker to invoke more methods than should be permitted depending on the the strictness
of authorization checks that individual applications enforce. Being able to call
some of these methods can have security implications.

#### Details

Commands verify that the class must be a `Command` and that the method requested is
defined as a public method; however, this isn’t robust enough to guard against all
unwanted code execution. The library should more strictly enforce which methods are
considered safe before allowing them to be executed.

### Patches

Patched in the following versions.
– 0.1.3
– [NPM Package](
– [Ruby GEM](
– 0.2.2
– [NPM Package](
– [Ruby GEM](

### Workarounds

You can add this guard to mitigate the issue if running an unpatched
version of the library.

class ApplicationCommand < TurboBoost::Commands::Command before_command do method_name = params[:name].include?("#") ? params[:name].split("#").last : :perform ancestors = self.class.ancestors[0..self.class.ancestors.index(TurboBoost::Commands::Command) - 1] allowed = ancestors.any? { |a| a.public_instance_methods(false).any? method_name.to_sym } throw :abort unless allowed # ← blocks invocation # raise "Invalid Command" unless allowed # ← blocks invocation end end ```


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