CVE-2024-26143 (actionpack): Possible XSS Vulnerability in Action Controller

Ruby Security Advisory

There is a possible XSS vulnerability when using the translation helpers
(`translate`, `t`, etc) in Action Controller. This vulnerability has been
assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2024-26143.

Versions Affected: All. Not affected: None Fixed Versions:,

# Impact

Applications using translation methods like `translate`, or `t` on a
controller, with a key ending in “_html”, a `:default` key which contains
untrusted user input, and the resulting string is used in a view, may be
susceptible to an XSS vulnerability.

For example, impacted code will look something like this:

class ArticlesController < ApplicationController def show @message = t("message_html", default: untrusted_input) # The `show` template displays the contents of `@message` end end ``` To reiterate the pre-conditions, applications must: * Use a translation function from a controller (i.e. *not* `I18n.t`, or `t` from a view) * Use a key that ends in `_html` * Use a default value where the default value is untrusted and unescaped input * Send the text to the victim (whether that’s part of a template, or a `render` call) All users running an affected release should either upgrade or use one of the workarounds immediately. # Releases The fixed releases are available at the normal locations. # Workarounds There are no feasible workarounds for this issue.