CVE-2024-25062 (nokogiri): Improper Handling of Unexpected Data Type in Nokogiri

Ruby Security Advisory

### Summary

Nokogiri v1.16.2 upgrades the version of its dependency libxml2 to v2.12.5.

libxml2 v2.12.5 addresses the following vulnerability:

CVE-2024-25062 /
described at
patched by

Please note that this advisory only applies to the CRuby implementation of
Nokogiri < 1.16.2, and only if the packaged libraries are being used. If you've overridden defaults at installation time to use system libraries instead of packaged libraries, you should instead pay attention to your distro's libxml2 release announcements. ### Severity The Nokogiri maintainers have evaluated this as **Moderate**. ### Mitigation Upgrade to Nokogiri >= 1.16.2.

Users who are unable to upgrade Nokogiri may also choose a more complicated
mitigation: compile and link Nokogiri against external libraries libxml2 >=
2.12.5 which will also address these same issues.

JRuby users are not affected.

### Workarounds