cve-2024-22257 – High – CVE-2024-22257: Possible Broken Access Control in Spring Security With Direct Use of AuthenticatedVoter

Spring Security Advisory

In Spring Security, versions 5.7.x prior to 5.7.12, 5.8.x prior to 5.8.11, versions 6.0.x prior to 6.0.9, versions 6.1.x prior to 6.1.8, versions 6.2.x prior to 6.2.3, an application is possible vulnerable to broken access control when it directly uses the AuthenticatedVoter#vote passing a null Authentication parameter.

Specifically, an application is vulnerable if:

  • The application uses AuthenticatedVoter directly and a null authentication parameter is passed to it resulting in an erroneous true return value.

An application is not vulnerable if any of the following is true:

  • The application does not use AuthenticatedVoter#vote directly.
  • The application does not pass null to AuthenticatedVoter#vote.

Note that AuthenticatedVoter is deprecated since 5.8, use implementations of AuthorizationManager as a replacement.