CVE‑2023‑25524 Nvidia Omniverse Workstation Launcher

This section provides a summary of potential vulnerabilities that this security update addresses and their impact. Descriptions use CWE™, and base scores and vectors use CVSS v3.1 standards.

CVE IDDescriptionBase ScoreVector
CVE‑2023‑25524NVIDIA Omniverse Workstation Launcher for Windows and Linux contains a vulnerability in the authentication flow, where a user’s access token is displayed in the browser user’s address bar. An attacker could use this token to impersonate the user to access launcher resources. A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to information disclosure.4.0CWE-598

The NVIDIA risk assessment is based on an average of risk across a diverse set of installed systems and may not represent the true risk to your local installation. NVIDIA recommends consulting a security or IT professional to evaluate the risk to your specific configuration.


The following table lists the NVIDIA software products affected, software versions affected, and the updated version that includes this security update.

CVE IDs AddressedSoftware ProductAffected VersionsUpdated Version
CVE-2023-25524Omniverse Workstation Launcher1.8.7 and prior versions1.8.11