ABB COM600CODESYS Vulnerabilities

ABB is aware of public reports of a vulnerability in the product versions listed above.
An attacker who successfully exploited these vulnerabilities could cause the product to stop, make the
product inaccessible or insert and run arbitrary code in the product.

Affected products

ABB has identified that the COM600 product firmware versions
4.x and 5.x
are affected.

Vulnerability IDs

CVE-2022-47378, CVE-2022-47379, CVE-2022-47380, CVE-2022-47381, CVE-2022-47382, CVE-2022-47383, CVE-2022-47384, CVE-2022-47385, CVE-2022-47386, CVE-2022-47387, CVE-2022-47388, CVE-2022-47389, CVE-2022-47390, CVE-2022-47391, CVE-2022-47392, CVE-2022-4739